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Default Right handed player, left footed pedal.

Mainly done for tom placement. I love it and don't see a change coming any time soon other than a new pedal to replace the PDP half I bought for parts to give this idea a test run.

Pearl Vision VX 905

Red Wine/Black Hardware

8x7, 10x8, 10x8 Rack Toms

12x9, 14x14 Floor Toms

20x18 Bass Drum

Cannon 8x4, 8x6 Concert Toms, Red Wine, Black Hardware

16x16 Groove Percussion left side Floor Tom. Got it for $15 and it actually sounds nice. I'm gonna replace it with a Vision one once I get around to saving the cash, but pedal is a priority.

Late 70s Ludwig Acrolite Snare

Pedal: I'm currently awaiting some special ordered parts to play my Pearl pedals lefty, but for now PDP I converted to a lefty, Eliminator with Red Cam on the right.

Pearl DR-80 Rack, Various Boom Arms, stands and clamps



14" A New Beat Hi-Hats
20" A Medium Ride
15" A Custom Crash
22" A China Boy High
18" A China Boy High
6" Bellish sounding cymbal cut down from a 17" A Medium Thin Crash


10" B8 Pro China Splash
17" AAXPlosion Fast Crash
18" SR2 Crash (Pretty sure it used to be an AAXplosion as well)
20" XS20 Medium Ride
14" AA Flat Hats with rivets
16" AA Extra Thin Crash
15" AAXPlosion Crash

Wuhan New Traditional

10 " Splash
8" Splash x2 (1 not mounted)
18" China

Latin Percussion

9" Ice Bell
7" Ice Bell


4" 2002 Accent Cymbal (not mounted)

Heads- Evans Onyx over Resonant Glass on the toms, Remo Coated Ambassador over Evans Hazy 300 on the snare, Pearl PMAD :) over the stock reso (ported) on the bass.

Sticks- Pro Mark 707s
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