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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

HEy CLiff, wow Its great to be able to interact with you and to say that youre a monster in the good way !!!!, my teacher Alejandro Matuk (maybe you met him) always tells us about you and to check out the work you've been doin'. I would like to ask you a question, hope you dont mind; I've always wanted to ask this to a great great player and I dont want to miss this chance: ¿What have been the aspects that you have practiced and focused more on, to develop the level that you have achieved, and also what have been the concepts that have developed your playing more, I mean that after studying that, you feel you have made a great evolution in your playing?. I hope you dont mind if this quiestions are very foolish but I'll be very grateful to your answer no matter what it is.

I look forward to meet you some day and see you perform live, until then get my best wishes and keep surprising us with your talent. Many cheers from Mexico City

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