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Well i feel Ringo is perfect for the beatles, but he is no Mitchell or Bonham for sure. Ive read that it took Ringo 15 hrs and over 100 takes to get the drums to Happiness is a warm gun. They said his problem was that he would only play in 4/4.
That's baloney. He played a lot in other than 4/4

This complicated song, which involved various different time signatures, (the 6/8 middle section was made more convoluted by Ringo continuing to drum in 4/4), took 15 hours and over 100 takes to nail. The first half of one take was combined with the second half of another to form the complete song.

One of the most salient musical features of the song is its frequent shifts in time signature. Beginning in 4/4 time, the song has one measure of 6/4 time for the line "She's well acquainted..." before changing back to 4/4 time for the next line ("The man in the crowd..."). It then uses a measure of 5/4 followed by a measure of 4/4 for the line "a soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the National Trust" . The subsequent guitar solo features a measure of 9/8 followed by two measures of 12/8. This pattern is repeated in the "I need a fix..." section. This gives way to alternating 9/8 and 10/8 measures in the "Mother Superior..." section before returning to 4/4 for the doo-wop style ending. The "When I hold you..." section slows down dramatically and employs one of the few examples of polyrhythm in the Beatles' repertoire: the drums play a duple rhythm while the rest of the instruments and background vocals use a triplet rhythm.

He played as he was supposed to. More gossip from the
Ringo haters. Good lord. You only wish.
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