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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

I've always seen drumming as a never ending learning experience that could never be mastered. A challenge of the highest sort. A challenge that couldn't be trivialized in a week or a month or a year. An avenue of life that never ends and always had something new and exciting to explore.

It is still this way, though my technical prowess has blossomed into full capability. In 20 years, I've been able to train my muscles to whip out virtually any combination of notes over my four limbs, essentially being able to play any pattern at almost any tempo. In short, I can play just about anything playable. Still, despite being able to play pretty much anything conceivable, I feel like I am at the beginning of the road because this 20 years I've spent learning has mostly been in the physical aspects of drumming.

The artistic, self expression part of drumming is revealed when one can remove the mechanical 'chops' part from the equation. Now it comes down to conscientious choices in what I will play, and how I make it feel. Emblazoning my playing with my personality. Since we are all growing on a personal level at all times in our life, this artistic, self expression can never truly be mastered and that will ALWAYS give us something to work on.

Don't be discouraged by hearing another musician who seems to have chops greater than you. There is no human being on this earth more important than you, and you have something that no other person can have. You.

Be confident, always.
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