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Default Re: My new toy.

Originally Posted by jer View Post
I reckon we can flip her over... she should float! An ocean worthy vessel if I've ever laid eyes on one.

At just shy of 19' (5.8 metres), it will be an interesting challenge to find places to park, I've only had to park it twice so far, both times took more than one attempt... I've driven larger vans before so I'm hoping I'll get the hang of it soon enough, but yeah... we considered C classes, I'm so happy we didn't go that route!
I can barely reverse park my Corolla. How you can park that thing is a mystery to me. You must be a spacial genius :)

Be careful sailing (rowing?) over here, if the coast guard see an upsidedown Dodge heading towards the east coast, they might even resort to calling up a radio station to complain to a shock jock!

Or you could sail west and park it easily on Andy's 10 million hectare property in the country ...
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