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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

Check out this angle. All (or most all) of these drummers replying to your question (including me) are of different styles and skill level, but none of them are putting you down because of the way you feel. The truth is that most of us drummers like and respect other drummers that are just solid drummers in their own right,and even ones that are just happily giving it a solid effort.
I myself am a semi progressive Rock drummer. There are alot of drummers that are more advanced and technical than me but there are also some drummers that play alot simpler than me that I totally dig and respect.
Try asking yourself if when you hear drummers that might not be as advanced as you, do you look down on them or do you respect them and have a good opinion of them.
How you feel is probably the same as most of us drummers feel so keep it up and like some others said on this thread, just be you and find your own style while still learning what you can from other players.
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