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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

hereīs another thought that helped a buddy of mine:

he always compared himself to other guitarists and songwriters - negatively, mind you.

he was comparing himself to 10 or 12 of the top pros out there and sighing ĻI just donīt know how he did this or how she did that !!!Ļ

well, i explained to him...that stuff is personal...thatś THEIR groove.

Mike Oldfield couldnīt NOT think in 19/6 : P or whatever. thatś how heś made.

of course you canīt write lyrics like Joni Mitchell...thatś her groove. sheś made that way...thatś just how it comes out. sure, they refined it, of course... but i doubt that even they would say that they have Perfected their grooves.

by the same token, they (most likely) canīt play like each other either. they certainly donīt sound like each other.

in fact...neither of them could sound like YOU even if they tried their hardest. thatś YOUR groove that God gave to you and no one else could do it better than you.

just DO YOU !!!

he said it changed his life.

i remember a Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) article where he said he just could not figure out how Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) counted his songs. ĻEvery time i count it, i get 13/12 and a half/ i donīt get it ???!!!Ļ, he said.

and so it goes.

of course you should continue to work on covers and styles other than your own, but never think you can out-them them or even match them at their own game.

just do you.
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