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Default Re: Senri Kawaguchi (13 years old....)

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Dude, she's thirteen..

I wonder if there is some pushy parenting behind this. If not, then maybe she will become awesome as she gets older and more mature.
Too often do I see parents living through their kids,
making them practice day in and day out. Not only in music, but sports and even in beauty pageants.
Many of these "wonder-kids" dont make it big, they get bored, since they get no time with friends etc. Only yesterday I read about a chinese girl being forced to practice her piano, while the instructor stuck needles in her fingers when she played wrong. She almost quit, but she remembered how much she loved her instrument and kept playing. She's pretty big in the classical scene today.
I may sound a bit jealous, but it's a shame to see so much talent go down the drain, because some parent had a boring life and want their kid to be the next buddy rich.
You know i am completely kidding right? BTW i'm just 3 years older so its not THAT bad... but in all seriousness, don't take me seriously!

I think this girls having too much damn fun for me to think she is a forced prodigy. No doubt her parents pushed all they could out of her, but its not like she is suffering.
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