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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Drumming is not a competition, it's an art form. Nobody is going to ever go to anyone's house with a huge trophy engraved "Best Drummer". The magazine opinion polls are laughable. And you have no way of knowing if this guy Senri started playing just as soon as his feet could reach the pedals.

Lighten up! Why did you start playing drums - to have fun and express yourself, or to win a nonexistent, undeclared contest?

If you get down on yourself every time you encounter a drummer who's "better" than you, well, there won't be much time left to have fun playing drums.

Well said.

Yes, many of us have these moments. I've been playing for 20+ years, have lots of experience and education behind me, and I still feel like a beginner half the time.

But drums are about the art and the music, not who has the best chops.

Look at how many songs on the radio, or how many drummers have had successful careers playing more basic parts. Even some of the most technically advanced drummers make their bread and butter playing 2 and 4.

Embrace what you can do and never stop learning. No one drummer knows it all.

And if you want a laugh, read/watch some interviews from top guys. Terry Bozzio is very humble, and doesn't consider himself all that good. Neil Peart loathes his own performances 1/2 the time, and Mike Portnoy is always talking about how other drummers can do things he can't. And the list goes on.
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