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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

Everyone gets that from time to time (well, I would assume they do, anyway), even the drummers you admire most. I'm willing to bet that even guys Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers and Virgil Donati probably look at other drummers and think "I wish I could do that".

I can either sit down and regret not spending every waking minute sitting behind my drums when I was younger, or I can enjoy playing and spend my time wisely now. I know which choice will get me further. Basically, regretting past choices will get you nowhere except bring you down. I've long since realised that although I think I have a fair degree of musical talent, I don't have the drive or discipline to spend hours every day practicing my chops. Maybe it's a genetic thing, or maybe I'm just a lazy bastard. Regardless, I choose to try to change what I can, and use the rest of my time living my life and enjoying myself and my hobby. I have a band that plays music that I enjoy playing, and we're just about to release an album and head out to do some gigging. Even as an average rock n'roll meathead drummer, I've taken music much further than I thought I'd ever be able to, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Did that make any sense? Probably not. I think I was basically trying to say that regrets will get you nowhere. Look at and listen to your favourite players and use them as inspiration instead of letting regrets and a sense of inferiority drag you down. You'll be happier for it, and chances are you'll be a better musician for it too.

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