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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

Drumming is not a competition, it's an art form. Nobody is going to ever go to anyone's house with a huge trophy engraved "Best Drummer". The magazine opinion polls are laughable. And you have no way of knowing if this guy Senri started playing just as soon as his feet could reach the pedals.

Lighten up! Why did you start playing drums - to have fun and express yourself, or to win a nonexistent, undeclared contest?

If you get down on yourself every time you encounter a drummer who's "better" than you, well, there won't be much time left to have fun playing drums.

When I encounter someone who KNOWS more than I do, or is DOING something I've never seen, I get excited. I try to learn what it is they do. I go sit down with them for a bit. Or I take a lesson and ask the teacher, "dude was playing what sounded like this with his left hand on the hi-hat while his right hand was..." ... and I grow!

People start drumming at various points in their life. I started when I was 14 after dalliances with other instruments. To be sure, when I started out, I was far behind those who had started a couple of years before I did. And I thought, "Man, I wasted some time not getting started earlier."

Then I was luck enough to catch the great Louie Bellson on the Tonight Show. At this point Louie was in his late 60s and had been playing for most of that time. And for a guy in his late 60s, he tore it up. He was amazing, and my jaw dropped.

Was I thinking, "Man, he's so much better than me, he started earlier, I wasted all that time I didn't drum since I was the age of three?" No!

What I thought was, "Man, if I keep at this for fifty years, that's what I'll sound like, having PLAYED for fifty years."

I'm halfway there and pretty pleased with the progress so far.

Best of luck to you.
Al Parrott
"Jus suum cuique"
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