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Default Re: Dealing with inferiority complex...

All I can say is, is that you made your choices. How you deal with those choices is totally up to you.

You can regret having 'wasted the time', which I think, wastes more time, or, you could pull yourself up and do something about it.

If you're working on drumming and you like it, then you should continue to do so. Obviously, the players you admire took a different path than you did and there's no guarantee that had you started at the same time that you would be just as good. Working on an art form to hopefully some form of mastery is NOT a race. Everyone finds out they get there at their own pace. And besides, even if you did get really good, getting there only helps the realization that there's so much more out there to learn, so it really is a non-stop journey.

Don't give up, keep plugging away at it. At least you realize that you did waste a bit of time, but are you going to make up for the lost time or just stop?
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