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Default Dealing with inferiority complex...

I'm not sure if its called an inferiority complex, but sometimes I just look at great drummers (Senri Kawaguchi in particular) and stare at them in awe, while wondering to myself "Why am I not as good them? These people have exceptional skills in drumming, and they're way, way better than me." Then I'll look at where I currently am and get a bit down, since I get the feeling that I wasted the years in which I could've picked up drumming on stuff like gaming, and that if I had picked up drumming earlier, I would be at their level, or have at least a semblence of that skill which they exhibit.
Somehow watching when watching other people play, the nagging feeling of regret comes back to me. It could be envy, jealously, admiration, or just having an inferiority complex. Just wondering, does anyone else have these sort of thoughts from time to time, and if you do, how do you get out of it?
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