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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

1. I've seen a lot of ads where the person doesn't know how to count the number of pieces in a drumset correctly, e.g. 4 drums + 3 cymbals + a few stands = 13 piece drumset!

2. I also like the ones where people try to rip you off by taking $50 off the MSRP for cymbals or drums and call it a "great deal", nevermind that the street price for the same stuff new is way less than what they're asking.

3. My favorite though, are the ads looking for drummers where the poster clearly takes himself waaaay too seriously, has completely unrealistic demands/expectations, and is vaguely insulting at the same time. Something like, "I am fully committed to making it as a musician. I believe my music is some of the best music ever written. If you're not 100% on board with what I'm trying to do, then I don't waste my time. If you're already in another band, then you need to quit that before you can be in mine. I want experienced professionals only. I already have some gigs booked, so I need you to learn 40 songs by next week. Also you need to provide a practice space for all of us to use, 3+ times a week. Since I'm doing all the work here and this is my band, you won't get paid until we get signed to a label."
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