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The thing is what is involved in being a great drummer? What seperates jordison, Peart, Gadd, Bonham etc. How can you compare these people when they play different styles of music. Jazz is Jazz and Metal is Metal etc. Just appreciate who these people are and what they have done for themselves, the music industry and other people and for gods sake use your brain before leaving comments, swaer some of you huys are like 5 years old or something. if you have come here to cause a mass argument ask yourself why. Look at the other posts on this forum you will see who people are calling the best drummer. its an oppinion thats all. In my opinion there is no such thing as the best drummer...its impossible to judge and there will always be someone who disagrees with the result. there are many non techinical drummers out there but does that mean they are not impressive? After all the fact is what is a drummer there for??
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