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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post

I saw this ad in the Tampa Craigslist and emailed the guy to offer some advice. I told him that he needed to remove the tape from the toms so that there would not be suspicion that the drums could not be tuned properly.

The dude emailed me back and told me the drums had been tuned by Derek Roddy and they were better sounding drums than anything I had ever seen. It went downhill from there. Can you imagine.?
There are tons of these winners out there. People are always trying to take some poor fool for more money than they should with bogus deals. Did you bring up the point of if the kit is properly tuned, then why are one of the toms on the floor without electrical tape? I'm hoping these are just outdated pics and the info is correct, but I doubt it.

And I liked the post of Perle, Symbols, and Drumbs! That's classic. I agree...they took a pic of the dang kit, how hard is it to look at the pic you took and copy the name? I won't even touch symbols or drumbs...I just hope that poster is under the age of 10, otherwise they should take the money they get for the kit and buy "hookeb onn fonix."
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