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Default Re: Ok, I give up ...

Steel, we started with Reverbnation but from what I could see it gave viewers no opportunity to contact the band unless they are members. This is a crucial thing for what our band is doing.

I think our bassist or singer will put up a Facebook page but, as middle aged people playing older music, we're not going to have any fans, or maybe just a handful. It's more a feature for up and coming bands hoping to make a splash.

Re: generating code, do you mean writing HTML or generating the code for MySpace? There was a message from MySpace admin when I first created the account that provided links to sites that generated code to put in your Bio (as per DED's earlier post). Some of the links weren't functional and there is very little design control without knowing HTML or being able to generate your own graphics and uploading them.

One thing I like about being able to create our own site is that the page isn't cluttered with all of MySpace's default elements ... just the important bits. All it takes is $100 pa, an evening time uploading some YouTubes to embed, and an evening putting together the graphics and page, and then uploading it.
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