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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

As part of this crazy week/ more off the wall drama happened later/ I have decided to work with the Adrian Klein Agency /UK/ I had a great meeting and they want to promote me as an act of my own. I will supposedly get access to the studios where I can learn and produce things that come to me. They also have a little studio here in Bucharest. So I'm going to try to stay for a while and figure out the next steps. This will not interfere with other ongoing projects like Silence Before. If that stuff continues into the future then I plan to be part of it. But this open door where I can explore different ideas while I learn how to do the mechanical stuff is something I've really wanted. I might not make big money in the beginning, but this is probably the first step to getting somewhere.

As things currently stand I will be doing shows in the UK starting in October. That all sounds good.

Will update when development turns into something else. If you hear no more about this for a while then it's still developing.
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