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Default Re: Ok, I give up ...

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Luke, I ended up giving up and we decided to do our own site. Thanks for your suggestions anyway. When Bandcamp's blurb started talking about the standards they expect in uploads, well, stuff 'em :)

Last night I put together a quick and dirty design for the site and we've organised for a domain and hosting. $100 p.a. between 5 professionals *not in music* is no biggie.

Our singer is a pro designer so when he has time, he will replace it with something cool. This is what the interim site looks like.

It's very simple with just the important things - title, picture, brief bio, streaming demo songs and contact details. The idea is to approach venue owners and give them a card with the web address.

Thanks to all who pitched in. The info might come in handy for others.
I've been designing and marketing Websites for a long time. A good website is an effective website. I always ask prospective clients, "Do you want the most beautiful Website on the internet, or do you want the one that makes the most money?" The great thing is that you can have both. However, marketing always, always comes first.

I like the site Pol! If it helps you get gigs it's doing its job!

In the music business SEO isn't that important. Most venues aren't searching the web for prospective talent. Nor are bands searching for prospective drummers. We are usually sending people to the site. This makes it a lot easier! The best thing to do is ask some of your potential audience, "What do you need to see on my website?" and when they tell you, listen. That's the stuff you need on your website. Don't be looking at sites like He already has a following. His site is a PR site more than anything. You want to motivate someone to consider you and give you a call. This is true whether you are making a personal site or a site for your band...
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