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Default Re: What piece of kit do you most dream of owning?

Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
So what would I really like to have as an addition to my kit? A set of timpani drums.
Oh, now you're talking. I was lucky enough to be trained on timpani from age 12 through 16. My tutor was the principal percussionist at the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra. She remains my foundation inspiration to this day. Anyhow, I was trained on a school pair of fibreglass bowl timpani with manual key tuning. After 4 years of instruction, my tutor thought I was good enough to do a performance with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Not a standard concert, a special one were a few youth orchestra guests were allowd to play. I remember stepping up to this stunning old set of 4 pedal tuned copper bowl timpani and starting to play. The Philharmonic hall was designed specifically for classical orchestra acoustics, and the sound was breathtaking. After playing on my own for about 3 minutes (empty hall), I stopped & cried. It was just too emotional. I'll never forget that moment.

So yes please, a set of 4 pedal tuned timps for me please. Don't know when I'd use them, but who cares!
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