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Default Re: So anybody hear Julius Pastorius play?

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( this, with Bendy's brother sitting in on bass )

@ Pol, he plays a 18"kick. Interesting thing about him also was that I have never seen anybody spend more time and care in setting up the kit just 'so'. He is incredibly meticulous about positioning and angles.This despite not having a lot of time to changeover after the opening act.

Yes both Felix and Julius are ridiculously talented. Genes are a powerful thang, it seems..

@Andy- Ya, I've been on a bit of a binge lately with the gigs..these boy are great. They opened up with a crazy take on Cissy Strut.. then double timed it and took it to some insane places. Felix is a great bass player too, but one senses the weight of the legacy on his shoulders.

@ Bo- They are not headliners yet, but will be soon, I think. The music is there. The reputation is on its way : ) Definitely worth a listen...


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