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Default Re: Matt Smith Update.

Last 24 hours...

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park is also managed by Daybreak's /band I am in/ manager. Shinoda does other projects on the side including the band Fort Minor. Daybreak bassist and I laid down drum tracks for his Fort Minor promotional spots. That led to Who's the drummer?

Shinoda then does voice over on a track I already did with someone else. New song on somebody's new album/Linkin Park/ Fort Minor/ or other Shinoda project.Leads Shinoda to ask What exactly is this Daybreak business? Manager plays him new EP and shows youtubes.

Shinoda decides he really likes Daybreak and records/ unbelievably/ a Daybreak cover the same day. Then he adds Daybreak cover to his promotional spots.

Shinoda hears Daybreak is to tour Southern England in December, and says We should do something together.

2 hours hours later/ new tracks show up for Linkin Park's current recording project that it turns out Shinoda is also producing. Tells manager something is missing and is thinking about some alterations. Then says Check on what Daybreak's drummer wants to do with them, then maybe we'll see. I then listen to the track and told to not share any info regarding what the music sounds like.

With all this more or less exploding, band learns that the name Daybreak is liscensed by 40 different bands in something like 60 different countries. Daybreak can only remain Daybreak in Romania alone. Change needs to go down today or no Shinoda spots and covers.

Hasty meeting called for name change discussion. Long suspicious guitarist does not attend. Other agendas are afoot with this guy and they're all stupid including thoughts of band leadership and strangely not wanting to be in new band photo. Last week decides to charge his own band for rehearsal space at his place and has been lobbying for his long time friend drummer from the band he likes better to be Daybreak's drummer/all secretly of course, but because he assumes I am as stupid as him thinks he's keeping all that under wraps/. By far the weakest player in the band and has delusions of grandeur, but isn't smart enough to know what grandeur is.

Band changes name to Silence Before. Not Daybreak, but OK.

Bass player text mesages guitar player about name change.

Guitar player arrives unannounced 10 minutes later. Says bad things, calls everyone losers who will never make it to step one, don't have his name rec, experience etc.

Band remains straight faced not showing hand.

Guitar player calls manager idiot without the connections or motivation to put together a decent tour of Romania which he believes is the pinnacle of this whole thing.

Manager then explains last 24 hours plained to guitar player.

Guitar player quits band 30 seconds later.

Silence Before starts invitation only guitar auditions next week. Plays pop festival July 31 with new lineup.

In the meantime all of this can still end up a fantasy. Personally I don't count on something happening until it does. But now the fantasy has legs.

Aren't bands cool?
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