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Default Re: Zoom Q3 v. other cameras

Do a YouTube search for Steve Smith and the Q3 - he has a whole 9 minute video he made with his camera. It looks better than what I get, so I have to figure out how he did that, but the audio is great. He runs it on 'low' for the audio and for what he's getting, it convinced me to get one.

It has video, but that's not the selling point, and they tell you that up front. If you're a HD kinda' guy, then go invest the right amount of money. Last I checked for a nice HD cam with level input (and XLR input to boot) was about $2500 on the low side. Then get a mixer so you can mic everything up to get it to the camera. Then you can spend all that time editing and compressing for your YouTube uploads. At that point you've invested in a whole 'nother career and you can go out and shoot peoples' weddings - you'd probably make more money than drumming....

Alesis is releasing a product that's very similar to the Q3, so I don't think there's a need to wait for that one. You can get better video, but the audio will definitely suck.
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