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Default Re: Zoom Q3 v. other cameras

Originally Posted by randrade89 View Post
I am really happy with mine. Like the box says, its a little bit of video with a whole lot of audio. It wasn't really designed to be killer in video recording. It's more like an extra to the audio. The only thing I didn't really like was the fact that you can't control the input level manually. You can only choose from Low, High or Auto.

I suppose another alternative would be a flip cam, but I hear the audio quality really sucks. Hope this helps!
Hmm, that seems really stupid to not be able to control the level. I would also think that since the camera appears to have been designed with musicians in mind, that it would have simple compression/limiter controls as well. The video I'm not too worried about, 640x480 is fine for what I'm doing now.
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