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Default Re: What piece of kit do you most dream of owning?

When I was in high school, a thousand years ago (yes they had high schools back then), I went into the auditorium and there on the stage was a set of timpani drums with the adjustable pedals. Back then you had to be in an elite club to be a member of the band. They did not just take anyone you had to win some lottery and have the right blood type to get into the band. I had never played the timpani before. But that day, I went up on stage and I just started playing them, adjusting the pedals and hitting them with my open hand. The sound of them being played like that must have been heard throughout the whole school. I had a great time until the custodian came in and had me stop. So what would I really like to have as an addition to my kit? A set of timpani drums.
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