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Default Re: Rock Band drums on easy is HARD!!

Originally Posted by SuperChief View Post
There are some rock band drum mods to real kits and other do it yourself kits that ould be a great improvement on RB.

I think if someone can play RB he will improve his timing and skills,better than just listening to music and trying to learn the songs.

I returned to drumming because of the video game. I was having fun with it and decided I need a Kit.

google "rock band drums" theres alot of info on drum mods
that's all fine & good but the stage or a crowd of people whatever the case may be is what separates the men from the boys or woman from the girls can't. forget about the ladies LOL.

that being said I do think RB improves your timing & I glad you decided to get back into drums you could've been a guitar player LOL, but you have to admit playing a real set of drums is a lot fun than the RB drums LMAO,

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