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I got to see Danny solo with Cody from Big Business, great guy with power and heart but not as technical a drummer. Sebastian from Trans Am did a pretty good job as well, he had faster hands than Cody, it was an interesting match up with Danny.
Ashton from Tweakbird was interesting, but seemed to play the same 3 fills over and over. A good drummer within his bands songs, but he didn't strike me as a soloist. Also Frank Ferrer from guns and roses sat in, but either he couldn't hear the band in his monitors, or he plays out of time. He seemed lost, a few decent fills, but nothing to write home about.
Live I just seemed to dig Gino's style overall, and his feet definitely kept up with Danny throughout. His hands seemed to take a back seat to Danny's a bit, but he definitely showed he has some pretty decent chops.
What a great set of shows.
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