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Default Re: If you could build a band, who whould be in it.

I guess I would want to play the drums in the band I was creating, but if it was just a dream group of guys playing together it would look like this.

Danny Carey on drums. Real original I know, but his playing just speaks to me.
Dave Mustain on lead guitar. I know he is usually more of a rhythm player but one of my favorite solos of all time he played. Plus he would need to play lead so I could have:
James Hetfield on rhythm guitar. Not the greatest player, but somebody has to write the songs and IMO he is the best in the metal business.
I would want Flea on the bass because the combo of him and the two metal guitarists could be very cool. He would take a bit of a backseat in this band, but he could add so much to the songwriting and overall texture of the songs.
For vocals I would want Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stone Sour. He has an incredible voice and can really get down and scream it out when necessary.

So there you go. Now if I could just make it happen.
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