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Default Re: 2010 Football World Cup-South Africa

No I honeslty would. I'm not saying this because we lost, we were indeed technically out classed.

It just does not hold up. The number of yellow cards versus the number of true penalties.. I'd say, don't just look at the number of cards we got. I exaggerated stating that only one card was valid, but all ten? No way. Looking at the game, it felt like everytime we tackled a player of te Spanish team was a penalty. Not to mention the many times where a Spanish player tackled one of ours and did not get a card. Not every tackling action is a penalty of course, but it felt like every tackling action we undertook ws a penalty, on the contrary to Spain who undertook several tackling actions and only got one card. Not every tackle the Dutch team made was a penalty, yet we still would get a card for it.

I remember watching the game, and on several occasions a Spanish player just fell to the ground when a Dutch player got close to him, making it look like a tackle whilst it wasn't. And of course, we got a yellow card for it. This is why I'm saying we didn't play as dirty as the entire world now believes, as that terrible kick to the chest is now emphesized and used as an example of our playing during the game.

And ys, that very kick to the chest was indeed outrageous, should've been a red card.
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