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Default Re: Mike "Machine" Mallais here!

Originally Posted by Mike Machine View Post
Thanks Tim... the Extreme bands you're speaking about ARE the problem. They're not Financially realistic for me as a Canadian. Medical insurance is one of the main issues... but then on top is expenses for the travel of my gear etc... I don't think many Extreme Metal bands have enough budget to afford hiring outside of their country.

I would like to do something (circuit willing) metal orientated... but I can't rely on that any longer...

Any more advice is always appreciated... I know this is a big drumming community and would love input from anyone on board!!!

Start a serious drumming video blog on YouTube. Thats the place to be these days, get involved in that community. It would take time, but considering you're already pretty well known, it shouldn't take too long to develop a fan base. From there, you have tons of options.
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