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Default Re: Ok, I give up ...

Luke, I did read a thing on a metal site that complained that Bandcamp has joined MySpace in charing 15% on all sales as a transaction fee, dropping to 10% as soon as the band's sales exceed $5,000. (Disaster! We'll be charged 30 cents a year for our sales!). I sent an email to the crew for opinions on it last night.

DED, I generated the MySpace/MySuck code. Just tried loading it in the Bio this morning. OMG, it actually worked! The bio - load code into the effing bio FFS ... how oblique is that! Guess that bit was attached with chewing gum ...

PK, our bassist has talked about doing a Facebook profile. I've never done Facebook myself because I have had my own domain now since 2000 ... but I have loaded so much of my own crap on it that there's not much space left, and it's better not to have a URL with an irrelevant prefix.

Bonzo, our singer is keen for us to have a regular website, which is the most professional option. However, that costs and the only real advantage of having your own domain for a non-pro band like ours is having total design control (since he's a designer by profession, I think this is a major attraction).

BTW Bonzo, with friends like yours ... ;-)
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