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Default Re: Ok, I give up ...

Mysuck is can be annoying, but it's easy enough to work with once you understand it's limitations.

Best thing to do is find an Myspace editor, and let it type out the HTML for you, since it will come up with the proper codes that mysuck prefers. Then go through the code, and cut out the ads that the editor will insert (usually at the end). Then you insert the code into the bio section. That will give you color scheme and such.

As for songs, go back to the upload section. There may be a box of an extra button you're supposed to check/click to authorize the upload.

Myspace is definitely dying out, I don't know anyone who uses it for social networking anymore, but it's still great for bands due to the ease of uploading songs, and it's where people still look for music. Myspace also recently reached major agreements with several/all major record labels about licensing agreements, so I suspect it will remain a player in the music field for at least several more years (at least for the US markets). just went out of business, and while they are 1001 sites trying to do the same thing, it's tough for any one of them to attract a wide variety of people.
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