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Default Re: Songs that totally rock out

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Flood by Tool, after Maynard goes "This changes everything"...
Oh good, you're back. I expected you to suggest a Tool song so you threw us a curly one with that jazz rock suggestion earlier. Now I feel normal :)

Having said that, just listening to Mahavishnu's Noonward Race - talk about a fusion band rocking out ... there was some serious energy in the studio that day! From Wikipedia:
The intro for "The Noonward Race" was written for the full band and not just as a guitar-and-drums duet as heard on the album. During the recording of the piece, a long-standing tension between Rick Laird and Jerry Goodman boiled over into a full brawl, with the two of them knocking Jan Hammer and his keyboards over during the struggle.
McLaughlin and Cobham continued to play at full volume during the entire altercation, and McLaughlin liked the effect so much he instructed Laird, Goodman, and Hammer to sit out while he comped behind Cobham's solo later in the song.

As penance for this fusion number, here's some classic live rock'n'roll from The Beatles.
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