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Default Re: Favorite Song, Explain

I've got a couple of favorite songs, depends on the mood of the day. My top 12 songs:

1)We Won't Get fooled Again, The Who:

Power, energy & anger. The ultimate rock song & rock band. And of course the best rock drumming on a song ever probably, Keith got me into drumming with this. Eight and a half minutes of musical epicness.

2) The Bug, Dire Straits:

Fast tempo, continuous beat, as solid as a thundering freight train. If this song doesn't knock your socks off, I don't know what will.

3) I Don't Even Know Myself, The Who:

The Who have an impressive song resumé. "We Won't Get Fooled Again", "Baba O'Riley", "Behind Blue Eyes", the "Tommy" "Quadrophenia" albums.. The Who are by far my favorite band. This song radiates raw power and energy, I always feel pumped up after listening to this. Incredible band, definitely.

4) Parklife, Blur:

Happy, swingin' Britpop. Blur = joy. 'Nuff said.

5) Tripping Billies, Dave Matthews Band:

Folk, Rock & Blues joined together in one kick-ass tune. Very original compositions, lyrics, and instruments for a band which has mainstream succes. They have got plenty of incedible songs, this is one of them. I'm certainly a huge DMB fan.

6) Paper Bag, Fiona Apple:

Swinging jazzy tune, incredible self-reflecting lyrics packed in a catchy melody, sung by Fiona's impeccable voice. Pop/Jazz at it's best.

7) Telegraph Road, Dire Straits:

This song tells a storyline with mood changes, and the musical compositions fit each changes perfectly. It has to be heard to be believed. The Dire Straits are incredible.

8) Charlie, Red Hot Chillie Peppers:

Incredible groove, tune, fun combination of rap and singing, perfect chorus tune. Yeah, I dig this, makes me move my hips.

9) All Along The Watchtower, DMB's cover:

Another DMB song in my list. The incredible build-up to the finale is quite memorable and reaches perfection. I highly prefer this version above Hendrix's or Dylan's.

10) Hela Hola Tuthola (Dutch), Pater Moeskroen:

Catchy folk music alsways works for me. Pater Moeskroen is a Dutch folk band with incredibly fun songs. The joy of their music radiates through not only their music, but also their lyrics (if you can understand Dutch that is). I highly recommend you guys check out their music.

11) Antelope Island, Herbie Hancock:

The musicality and perfection of this song is astonishing. It's solo's have feel and groove, also the drummer does an incredible job. Fusion jazz at it's best.

12) And now for something different: The Second Waltz of Johan Strauß, done by André Rieu:

Very joyful yet relaxed. Classical music at it's best, in my opinion.

Sometimes there's nothing wrong with melancholy, but I prefer happy and swinging music that makes me feel good. :) The genres don't really matter, from classical to jazz, to rock, dance, blues and even hiphop.

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