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Default Ok, I give up ...

Trying to get a MySpace going for the band. I know HTML and have designed many websites from scratch but I cannot make sense of the design features of MySpace.

How do you guys do it??

I go to Edit profile and I get options to enter text: Musician Details and Basic Info, and to upload songs. I uploaded the songs but when I went into the profile over the next few days the music didn't appear (yet the songs were still there in the control panel).

I go to Customise Profile and it's the same as Edit Profile.

The welcome email referred me to some links to design the site. The first two were non-functional. The third one gave me the chance to create a design for a music file. Did it and generated the code. The site said to go to About Me section of my profile so I can paste in the code. There is no About Me section of the profile. About 3/4s of the way down the page there's text that says "About [band name]" but it's not a link.

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