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Default Re: Playing eletronic drums in a flat/appartment?

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
Noise issues? I've got a simple Roland kit in my small apartment and I can not get how, even when you're using headphones, can create a noise problem. :) Maybe if you plug it into a subwoofer at full volume..

I'm astonished at the situation really. :)
It depends on how the building is constructed.

As Pocket says, it's not the noise, it's the vibrations from the kick pedal that go straight into the floor. And if you have rubber pads on a simple rack, the vibrations from that can go into the floor as well.

If you have steel frame and concrete construction building, if the walls are thick or insulated, or other such construction, this may not be noticeable. If it's build with some simple 2x4s and some dry wall, it can be a huge problem. Also, being on the ground floor pretty much eliminates this issue, but being on a 2nd or higher floor can exasperate the issue.
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