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Originally Posted by andSometimesY View Post
Sorry to change the subject, but I would like to hear from others who have seen Tool this tour. Wovenhand was the band that opened when I saw them. They were a very unique band and their drummer was solid. When Tool played Lateralus, Danny and Wovenhand's drummer did a drum duet just as expected. Wovenhand's drummer didn't have a clue what to do though! Danny was playing such complex rhythms that it might as well have been free time, so I don't blame him. When Mastodon and Big Business opened for them, both of those drummers held their own with Danny. My question is, has anyone seen Tool with Rajas or Dalek this tour? I just want to know how those drummers held up in the Lateralus solo/duet.
I wish! They played no where near Baltimore this time :(
I haven't seen them since the 10k Days tour ('06 I think).
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