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Default Re: Art and Music

Wow, I missed those art offerings back when they were posted. Well done, Thaard and Eddie! Those pictures say a fair bit about each of you. For the record, if anyone wants to see my digital art then it's here. A lot of blended photos and e-drawing.

Brownie, I wouldn't say I'm a Hawking fan. Many years ago I brought A Brief History of Time with me on a holiday. Big mistake. Not something to read while lazing on the beach.

I think MFB's observation - Art guys often understand music far better than musicians - they have the 'outsider edge' and a lot of the thought processes are the same, especially from an aesthetic standpoint - makes sense to me. Sometimes we can get so close to the process that we can't see the forest for the trees, whereas an artist will look out for form and meaning.

Thx for the link, Michael. Yep, freedom of expression ... that's what we want.
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