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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

I also use the giant step. I have a docking station on each of my bass drums and it works great in that application. I didn't find it hard to center

Me- Im pretty anal about having docking station (or something semi-permanent) mounted 'perfectly', especially docking station and that means all gaps on docking station equal... takes me a little bit of adjusting to get get docking station 'perfectly' aligned.

If its 'off' a 1mm anywhere I can see it, and then know the pedal isn't perfectly flat on the floor when it could/should be.

Looks like you have to remove the devil's hoof from the bass drum every time to adjust the spring tension.

KOPYTO's sping tension adjust and hoop clamp wing nut are both right next to each other on the outside of the post.

You can dial in your spring tension much faster on the trick

Faster than AXIS fo sho, but KOPYTO's spring tension looks pretty user friendly

You can also adjust the distance of the entire drive assembly in relation to the drum head, one more adjustment in favor of the Trick.

This IMO is probably the best extra-feature on the TRICK, I don't see why the KOPYTO gang couldn't put something like this in their design.

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