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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
You mean the "Philly" lick. I've been wondering about that, too. It's hard to get a specific idea from how Miles Davis talks about it, and he says that Jones made a lot of money playing that lick.

So what is the "Philly" lick?
I think the "Philly" lick is actually an over-the-bar lead in to the next solo in a song. It's the one where he kicks off the new solo in bar one (often after a break in the last two bars of the last solo, serving as a solo lead-in for the next instrumentalist), by playing a hi-hat "splash" on beat one followed by another on beat four which he sustains for a few beats. He used the left hand stick to increase the "splash" effect as well.

The drummers who followed PJJ into Miles Davis's groups didn't copy licks exactly, but used this idea voiced in a variety of ways, as do many contemporary jazz drummers like Brian Blade.

On a totally unrelated note...I found this link showing Philly doing a backwards roll as well as a showy elbow shot to the hi-hat. Pretty cool.
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