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Originally Posted by Fuo View Post
Anyone have any information on the kit he's using on the current tour? Looks weird, like he went to roto toms, or epads (I know he always had some epads, but i don't see rack toms anymore).
I saw them play in Vancouver on Friday. He's using two roto-toms for his rack toms (as you can see in that photo), which he's been doing for a little while now. For bass drums, he's using those Paiste ones and for floors, it looks like he's usingg a regular wood floor tom (perhaps from his 10000 Days kit) for his first floor and then an acrylic gong bass drum for his second floor tom.

Search for videos from this tour on YouTube and you'll be able to get a better look. There are some pretty good HD ones that other people have uploaded (check VancouverJu ly 9).
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