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Default Re: Songs that totally rock out

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yeah Derek - Jimi's Fire was great RnR. It was always a great one to get the crowd going with one of my old bands.

A few more - Lou Reed's Rock and Roll has a middle section where the guitar is approaches a bit like a "banjo". Bass solo under the banjo guitar at around 6mins is a killer. Then at 7:30 there's a blistering guitar solo. There's a lot you can do with two chords!

This clip of the Chilli Pepper's Suck My Kiss feels like a hymn to hedonism. These are not boys you take home to mother!

And this thread isn't complete without RATM's Killing in the Name. Always loved the builds at around 2:20 and 3:50. It just goes off.
Hey Polly if you like "Rock & Roll" by Lou Reed you should have a listen too the version by "Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels" I like LR version but the MR version is more Rocked Out IMO of course.

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