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Default Re: 2010 Football World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
Indeed it was outrageous, I was hugely dissapointed in my team when that happened. That should've been a red card. Worst piece of soccer I've seen by the Dutch team ever.

But other than that, we didn't do much wrong. Still we got 9 other yellow cards, on the contrary to Spain, who only got 1. Strange to say the least.

Again, also strange how the WC finale stirred me up so bad, I usually hate soccer.
It was a weird foul, right up there with Zidane's classic headbutt .. stay tuned for the video remixes! Ideally they'll have The Karate Kid or Enter the Dragon theme tune as a background ...

As for the home team thing, no shame in being caught up in hype for a short time as long as we don't make a habit of it :)
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