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Default Re: Playing eletronic drums in a flat/appartment?

Originally Posted by supermac View Post
Due to a change is my domestic circumstances, I'm moving from a big detached house into a second floor flat/appartment

I've been able to practice prertty much at will on my Roland kit, but in a flat there will clearly be noise issues, even if I practice with headphones on.

Anyone get any advice on how to reduce noise and vibrations?

My local drum shop suggested a yoga mat.

Yoga mat will not help that much on its own. You propably need to make a tennis ball raiser for your set. The idea is to have a bit of air between your set and the floor. Some mass (a layer of rubber or something even more massive) on top of the air layer is also a good thing, stops some of that low resonance. There will still be some stick sounds in the room so you might want to use some kind of absorbing material on your walls also.

But the first thing you should do is to communicate with your neighbours in a constructive manner. I also live on the second floor of my building. It took me 6 months to get every drop of vibration from travelling to my neighbours, but it was worth it. I can play almost any time I want now.

Edit: I would also suggest to check forums or something similar to help with your quest for a platform.
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