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Default Re: 2010 Football World Cup-South Africa

I honestly believe that the British referee choose party for Spain in the finale. And no, it's not because I'm Dutch and we lost, thus I'm looking for an easy excuse or anything. I do believe in the Spanish team we met our match, we didn't play as well as we did against Brazil and Uruguay. Still in the international media we're depicted as 'a disgrace for the world cup', since during the game we got 10 (!) yellow cards.

But of all those 10 yellow cards, only one was valid, and that one was for a kick to the chest (forgot the name of the players involved). That was indeed quite a severe and unessescary act. But other than that, the Dutch team couldn't do anything or we'd get a yellow card. On the contrary for the Spanish team, who tackled several of our players but only got one yellow card. That is just plain unfair.

The Spanish team technically played better, which is why we lost, but the match was unfair due to the referee. Wether we'd won with a neutral referee is doubtfull though, but losing like this feels awkward. And again, no, I'm not looking for weak excuses here of why we lost. :)

Strange btw, how the World Cup has got my interest. I usually hate soccer.
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