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Originally Posted by andSometimesY View Post
First of all, I think this topic needs a sticky.

Now to my questions.
1. How did you get started as a professional drummer? Did everything just fall in to place or did you have to take huge risks? I really want to play for a living but I would have to move to a music city for sure.

2. Besides Esteban, who are some other artists/bands that you've played with?

3. How much time do you get to practice while on tour?

Thanks Joe, I'm sure I'll think of more questions in the future.
Wow this could turn into a book so I will try and keep it short to answer your questions. My uncle was a drummer in NY. My mom used to take me to see him when I was young. That's what got me hooked on drums. I started playing at age 4. Started taking lessons at age 5. Did my first money making gig when I was 10 years old. When I got to Jr. High and High school I just killed it. Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, District band. Yea, I was the man. Then off to college for 4 years and no I didn't major in music. My mom said I had to go to college incase the drumming thing didn't work out I would have a education and a back up plan. So I did it. Never argued with Mom!! HA!! During college of course I played in a very popular band and started gigging. After college I realized I WAS NOT THE MAN. LOL. There were plenty of good drummers out there. So I did what ever I could . I moved to Philly. Long story short for over 10 years I did every freaking gig you could think of. From Chicken wire, to touring in my own car. I was married now with kids on the way. Man I had to gig. I never thought of throwing in the towl. I worked plenty of day jobs and played at night. I really, really busted my butt!!!! I started to get some exposure and endorsments. I met guys like John Bermuda Schwartz who introduced me to tons of other drummers at Namm shows. John was very suportive of me and told other drummers I was a good drummer. I became friends with Dennis Chambers who saw me play once at Namm and we hung out and are still friends to this day. Then I started recording for some people and they really got my name out there. I just kept at it. I still do to this day. I don't really look at it like I took any huge chances, I just paid my dues. I have much more of an appreciation of better gigs after doing not so great gigs. I don't take any of my success for granted. I am very grateful every day and lord knows there are plenty of drummers out there better than I am.

I have been blessed and toured and recorded with plenty of national artists, and done a ton of TV work and film work. I hate to name drop, no really I do. I do have a page here at drummerworld that lists my credits and check out my web site at for anything you want to know about me. Especially check out the tips and tricks page there are some good stories and quotes about how a typical day goes for me. I also have a youtube page you can see. Just search joe morris drummer and my channel will pop up. There are a bunch of vids on there.

I would practice as much as possible without wearing my self out for the show. Some days I would practice some days I would lay off. It depends. I will tell you that there was one point that I used to set up a practice pad kit in the bus and practice all the time. These days the only time I have to practice is between sessions. I just recently bought a new stick control book and got a pad from Vic Firth and I am at it again. I'm getting old and slow. ha!!!

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