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Default Re: Where do you live?

Im from a very disturbing place....a little town in Ireland called "Dundalk"....dundalk is situated right on the border between north and south Ireland(I presume most of you know about the troubles we had over here for years?),therefore Dundalk is full of IRA people....very republican,and closed-minded people who give birth to narrow-minded,violent children,who are now my age and seem to attack me and friends who are "freaks"(we wear t-shirts saying such foreign things as "Nirvana","Led Zeppelin","Pixies" and "Thin Lizzy"oooooooh we must be total freaks...."nyah cut yer hair ya freeeeeek") like me.....Dundalk has been described,in a recent publication of a lonely planet travel guide(and there was total outrage over this)as "a charmless town"...god what an understatement!!!if i was writing that i wud have said "God stay away from here,its a total scumhole....."

thats why i hope that as soon as i leave university i can go an live in Germany...a beautiful,crazy,brilliant country......Berlin is one of the greatest places on this planet!!!

Ich liebe desutschland!und ich finde dundalk,und Irland sehr-schlecht....ich muss gehe zu studieren meinem deutsche.....ich sprache deutsch nicht so gut....?!
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