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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I'd love to know how much a drummer at that level makes per big gig. You don't have to answer that, I don't want to put you on the spot, but I am so curious. I have no idea what top drummers get today. Like I would love to know when on tour are meals included or is that on you? Are there any extras? Free tix to your shows for your guests? Cool perks we might not be aware of?

I understand if you don't answer believe me, but you said it was OK to ask...
First of all let me say Larry that I enjoy your posts, and i enjoy your responses to my threads. You have some really good information to share and I appreciate that. The first perk I can think of is getting to play drums for a living. That in itself is still the best so called perk for me. It's just freaking awesome to play for a living. A dream come true. When your on tour you usually have a base salary either per gig or per week. So simply put you either get paid by the gig, or a salary based on a week. No matter how many gigs you do during the week you get the same money. Myself I like to get paid by the gig, but most times unless your a famous drummer they tell you how your getting paid. I can't really discuss the exact amount of money but it can go from $1000 per gig , or $800 per gig, or it can be a weekly salary of say 1,500 a week. The top drummers get more than that I'm sure, plus if your a member of the band or a sideman has tons to do with the money. One other thing you can be sure of is they will try to screw you every step of the way.!! Count on it!! As far as meals and stuff. You get a perdium , hope i spelled that right. So every day no matter what say you would get $50 cash for food or whatever. Travel and hotels are always covered.

My career is really what you would say flexable!! ha!! Lets put it this way, I might play Red Rocks with Esteban to 10 thousand people, or I am at Steve Vai's studio recording one of his artists, or I am at the Conservatory of Recording doing sessions everyday, or I might play a nice 1000 seat theatre with Esteban, or be on TV on HSN with Esteban with my own green room and a limo. Or I might be where I was last week in Cave Creek Arizona playing a biker bar with a Guitar player i just met at the gig and lugging my own gear in 108 degree heat. Yep yep
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