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Default Re: Fellow Drummers, I Need Your Help!

make in mandatory? wouldn't that be the same as not putting money in it?

your gonna try and get more money to buy instruments and force them on people who don't want them. i bet thats going to make so many more great musicians, now if you want money for after school classes or make them optional as art credits fine, let those who have an interest in it pursue it, those that don't can peruse what they ARE interested in...

my kid wants to take music lessons i think i would just as soon find a good teacher and let him take lessons and pay for it out of my own pocket before i would give money to a school to hire 'music' teachers like the ones that i had in school, not much more ability then the students, arrogant, 5 minutes into the first classes kickiing kids out for no musical ability, biggest credit to their education was their 1 year degree from a community college in playing the recorder...... that was probably just my school, but as much as i love music i hated taking that class, yep thats the exact experience i want for my kid....
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