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Default Re: Fellow Drummers, I Need Your Help!

I hate to say it, but I'm in agreement with evolving_machine.

Without going into a big diatribe, I believe the music education machine is a little broken after having been a part of the high school music/vocal education "scene" here in Southern California, so I'm not sure pumping more money into it is going to help it crank out more kids who stay interested in music and actually have a career in it.

And, I think we have a federal government that's elbowing its way into alot of things it's not good at. Having the fed pump money into the arts doesn't sound like its going to help, either.

And I endeavored in college to become a professional musician, and even became one for sometime where that's all I did for a living. Now, as an observer on the outside, I can look at that system objectively and see where it didn't help me at all. Sorry.
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